Another try

July 30, 2009

Well, here we go again.  Maybe this time will be better.  It’s summer in New England which means either sunny days to go cycling or rainy days to think about moving elsewhere.  It’s been a rough summer, but many miles have been cycled.

The following are three thoughts that I’ve been kicking around for the past view days.

One: It’s important to be challenged.  I first met Paul Fomalont when I started working at The Putney School.  He and I, along with Ian Nelson, had any number of crazy adventures through the years.  Paul is an excellent and innovative math teacher.  He’s taught me more than I can list and is always willing to share his thoughts on education.  Outside of the classroom, he is a friend who drives me to do my best without pressuring me.  I want to do well to impress him.  We’ve been trading cycling challenges for a few summers now and I’ve done what I’ve done because of him.  After I returned from the Alaska-Mexico ride, Paul and I were talking about mileage.  He said something along the lines of “I was following the totals and trying to keep up.  The day after you rode 131, I went out and rode 134.  The next weekend, just to prove it, I went out and did 160.”  That was the point, last November, that the one-up-man-ship began.  Since then, he has driven me to complete the six-gap ride and the New England Challenge.  Thank you Paul, good luck in Switzerland.

Two: Babies are complete.  They’re just like you, but smaller.  They don’t require updates or improved hardware or anything more than food and sleep to develop into functioning people.  Some much smaller than adults but still all the same parts.  Amazing.

Three: It’s important to aim for being simple and content.  This is a personal preference, I guess, but it seems more attainable than aiming for complexity and ecstacy.

So I guess that’s it for now.  The first one took longer to summarize than I thought and used up much of whatever energy I had left on this hot Maine summer day.  Keep learning and keep moving.  That was another point that I wanted to write about.  Aim high and be willing to pay for it.  Those were words my father passed on to me yesterday and they seem pretty reasonable.  More later.