Choosing to regularly update a blog is an odd choice.  It takes a certain amount of ego-mania to believe that other people want to read your thoughts. You all have busy lives and important things to be doing, and here I am, waving my arms, and shouting “Hey, read this.  I matter.”

Going on an adventure is a good way to begin.  I get to use the excuse “People are reading for the pictures.  I’m not imposing on them.  I’m actually doing them a favor.”  But then the trip ends and life continues and you end up reading about my exciting trip to the coffee shop where I sat next to a guy who was eating a danish shaped like a football.

Anyway, I went to Alaska, and then I rode to Mexico, and then I rode around in California, and then I went home for the holidays, and then I filled out applications to graduate schools and teaching positions, and then I went to New Zealand, and now I’m riding around here.  It’s pretty wonderful.

I’ll write more and try to keep the pictures and stories coming on a regular basis.  Until then, did I tell you about my trip to the coffee shop?


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