Coming to you live from Ann Arbor

I’m here.  I’ve been here for a few days now and the excitment of exploring a new city is beginning to wear off.

The first major disappointment came last night.  I went to a bar to watch some pre-season football.  I had a burger, had a beer, had a pretty good time until the guy next to me lit up a cigarette.  This struck me as both offensive and unusual.  Then the fact that I thought it was unusual struck me as unusual.  That Maine and Vermont (and any number of other states) have banned smoking in restaurants and bars is wonderful, but it makes the shock of traveling to other states all the more abrupt.

I could feel the smoke on my skin.  It’s soaked into the shirt I was wearing.  Had the Patriots not won, the whole evening would have been a dud.

Now I just need to find a non-smoking bar in the area.  Maybe Canada.


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