Starting Back Up

This blog started out as a convenient way to share pictures and stories from my travels to New Zealand.  Chris and I rambled around on our bicycles for a good bit until it was time to come home.  Unsurprisingly, the trip back was not quite as interesting and the urgency to post detailed accounts of our time in LAX was minimal.  However, a brief account of the trip back to the United States doesn’t seem to outlandish, so here we go…

We slept in a parking lot the night before we flew out of Auckland.  The next morning was spent packing up our bikes, washing the car, delivering Chris and the bikes to the airport, being pulled over by the police, returning the rental car, taking a shuttle to the airport, standing in line forever, being bumped from one flight to the next, flying to Fiji, eating a pizza, flying to LAX, eating some sushi, flying to Boston, driving to Chestnut Hill, discovering the battery in my car had died, jump-starting my car, driving to visit Sam, discovering my car battery had not charged up, jump-starting my car, driving to visit Caitlin, donating blood, discovering my car battery had not charged, jump-starting my car, driving around Boston for 45 minutes, eating lunch, discovering my car battery had charged, driving to Dresden.  At some point the day we left Auckland turned into the next day and maybe the day after that as well.  It was 50 hours from Auckland to Dresden, a long day to say the least.  That seems to be enough of that.

Since then, I have visited friends around New England, been a substitute teacher, seen Niagara Falls, enrolled in the University of Michigan, led a hiking trip, attended a few graduations, ridden my bike a good bit, and generally enjoyed myself.  Vermont is a pretty nice place to watch summer roll in.  I have a good pile of books and not much else to do.

Twice in the last week, I have been asked about the future of this blog.  Since this was exactly two more times than in the previous four months, it seemed like a coincidence worth noting.  I’m happy to keep rambling, so if you’re happy to keep reading, we’ll make it work.  My mornings tend to revolve around eating eggs and toast and reading the paper.  It seems unlikely that I will write everyday, but there’s a good chance that I’ll post something three or four times a week.  That said, this counts as one for this week, so don’t complain if you only get two more before this time next Monday.

I guess that’s as surly a “Welcome Back” message as I can muster, so we’ll let it go at that and hope that you all have more important things to be doing than wasting your time reading this.


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