And now… The South Island

When we last left our heroes, they were taking advantage of New Zealand’s great health care system.  Since then, the dynamic duo has traveled south to Wellington, where they visited Te Papa (New Zealand’s answer to the Smithsonian) and learned about cricket, and then crossed to the South Island by ferry.  Since then the adventures have continued.

We landed in Picton and rode along a lovely/windy/hilly roady along the nothern coast to Nelson.  Chris has been having trouble with his tent poles and as we were looking for an outdoor store to find some new ones, we stumbled upon an information site that described the hiking around Nelson Lakes National Park.  We decided to take a break from cycling, slap on our backpacks, and head for the hills.

Traveling by bicycle is great, but in some ways it is just like traveling by car, only slower.  Maybe it’s even worse; although you see more because you travel more slowly, you are less likely to explore the side roads as they add more miles to your day.  By tramping off into the woods, you just see different things.  Oh, and New Zealand is amazing.

We hiked along a lake, climbed through the clouds onto a ridge, and spent the night in a beautiful hut.  The next day we headed out along the ridge back towards town and towards our bikes.  Now we’ve back in the saddle and moving towards the west coast.  Enjoy the pictures.


Chris dreams about alternate means of travel at Te Papa.img_2373

Crossing to the South Island.


Hiking in Nelson Lakes National Park.


A brief pause in the clouds as we head into the mountains.


Sunrise at Angelus Hut.


Hiking along the ridge.  Simply magic.


One Response to And now… The South Island

  1. Ricardo says:

    Glad to see you guys are having fun.The question is will New Zealand ever be the same? BTW. Caribou Maine posted the third coldest winter on record 1 degree above zero.For Bangor it was the fifth coldest. Hurry Back You’re Missing It!!!!

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